Meat is sold by the half or the whole carcass, only. If a half is too much, most peoples find someone to split it with them. It is vacuum packed (except for ground beef), and freezer ready.

The following is approximately what comes with 1/2 a beef depending on the weight of the individual cow.
You can choose certain cuts and thickess when you pre-order.
10-12 New York Strips (1")
6-8 filets (1")
10 rib-eyes
10 sirloins
6-8 chuck roasts
2 eye Round Roast
4 shoulder roasts
2 london broil
3 sirloin tip roasts
2 brisket
10-12 lbs. of stew meat
10-12 lbs. of cube steak
60 lbs. of ground beef
6 lbs. liver
Ribs if wanted
Soup bones if wanted
The beef will dry age at the processor for 3 to 4 weeks. Depending on the cuts, fat & water content, you will take home 55-70% of the hanging weight (average 286lbs of beef).

We charge $4.00/lb hanging weight for a 1/2 cow. Hanging weight for a 1/2 cow averages 440lbs (ranges from 350-490lbs). Therefore, the average cost for purchasing a 1/2 cow would be 440lbs x $4.00/lb = $1760 (mail us a check for that amount).
The processing fees will be $0.65 - $0.75/lb, plus kill fee. this averages $340. Therefore, your total cost on average including the processing fee is $2100.00 (Based on 440lb hanging weight).
You will need to pay us when your cow goes to the processor.
The buyer is responsible for picking up their meat at the processors and paying them for the processing fee. Our processor is Bond's Processing located at 3727 Goldmine Holly Springs Rd, Royston, Ga. 30662. The phone number is 706-436-3335. These prices are set by the processor and subject to change. Be sure to discuss pricing with them when you call with your instructions for processing.


You will need 8-10 cubic feet of freezer space for a 1/2 cow.
We take reservations in January, and a $500 Deposit is required. Please place your reservations as early as possible.


Please mail all checks to:

    Billy Wright
P.O. Box 68
Lowdsville, SC 29659

Please call us with any questions you might have at 864-348-2706.