Why buy locally-raised grass-fed beef

Cows are by nature designed to eat grass, but industrial feedlots, which supply over 90% of America's supermarkets and fast-food meat, force them to eat grain to fatten and "marble" the meat. As a result, most feedlot cattle are sick and require antibiotics to stay alive. Feedlots cause environmental damage as well.


Grass fed beef has the following advantages over grain-finished beef:

  • 10 times higher in beta carotene
  • 5 times higer in antioxidantconjugated linoleic acid
  • 4-6 times lower in overall fat
  • 2-4 times higher in omega-3 fatty acids adn a healthier ratio of omega-3s to omega-6s
  • 4 times higher Vitamin E
  • Higher in Vitamin C. B vitamins thiamin and riboflaven, calcium, magnesium and potassium
  • Virtually no risk of E coli
  • No antibiotics, homones or steroids used
  • Purchasing local beef supports your farmer neighbors, reconnects consumers with producers and reduces reliance on fossil fuels.