About Us

Tradition - "Cattle is in our blood"

Our 1500 acre farm has been in our family since 1940. Our cattle are pasture raised and 100% grass fed from start to finish. They enjoy roaming acres of sustainable managed rangeland. The cattle are never confined to feed lots nor fed grain, corn or unnatural feeds.

Billy and Cameron Wright personally handle every aspect of breeding and raising our herd. We use sustainable farming practices to raise the healthiest beef possible.


Our grandfather, Neil Trask, Sr. was a successful 2nd generation vegetable farmer in Beaufort county, SC. He bought a nearby island and a herd of commercial cows came with the deal. This is the spark that led him on a path to becoming a cattleman. He began to study soil types that were best suited to produce blue grass (the ideal pasture crop), white clover, dallis grass, lespedeza, and fescue. He located and acquired 5000+ acres near Calhoun Falls, S.C. in the late 1930's. The land had been used for cotton farming with rolling land, hills, shade trees, springs and brooks. He leveled parts, limed, applied phosphate and potash and planted seedlings. He essentially developed a nurturing homeland of grass for cattle. Mr. Trask believed cattle should be bred and adapted to use grass to their best advantage. He was always careful to never over graze his pastures. Mr. Trask is in the Polled Hereford Hall of Fame for his development of superior cattle.


Billy has been involved in ranching since he was very young. He was always drawn to cattle and farming. His father, J. W., Sr., and grandfather, Joe, Sr., had cows and owned and operated an abetoir. Billy's maternal grandfather, Neil Trask, Sr. was the one that strongly ingrained in him how to raise quality cattle on good grass. For most of his adult life, Billy managed the farm until his grandfather's death in 1998.Through all those years he soaked up all the knowledge of raising cattle on grass. He uses the same ideals to raise his grassfed beef today.


Cameron is the 4th generation of cattlemen in his family. He has inherited the feel and the "eye" for good cattle. He has grown up working on the farm. He is involved in all daily aspects of running the cattle operation from fencing and feeding to buying, selling and breeding.




We are committed to growing the best tasting beef we can. We insist on the treatment of cows with dignity and respect. Our cows have as little stress as possible. They are born and raised on the farm. Their only transport is to the processor. This is healthier for the cow and makes for tastier beef.